Swire Water is committed to providing sustainable solutions that renew water so communities can thrive. We embrace the SwireTHRIVE strategy and exemplify stewardship in five key areas:


A commitment to reach net zero by 2040 is integral to our business strategy and planning. We are implementing projects to improve the efficiency of our operations, generate renewable energy, and identify suppliers who are dedicated to consistently improving their environmental practices.


We are committed to water neutrality in our operations and balanced water use in the watersheds that we operate to support thriving communities.


We are committed to minimizing the amount of waste we generate. Our company seeks ways to turn today’s waste into tomorrow’s resource.


We aim to create a diverse, inclusive workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. We look to build diversity in our leadership to improve the strength, collaboration, and innovative thinking within our company.


Community is not separate to our business; it is core to it. We believe that strong communities enable people and businesses to thrive long into the future. We volunteer and organize employee events to provide service to a variety of important causes in our communities.